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A quick thank everyone who helped make Tuesday’s fundraising event at the Manzil such an enjoyable night.

The money raised tonight from the meal, the quiz, the raffle and the sweet sale at the Portobello gala raised a magnificent total of £486 !

This will be donated to the Bobby Robson Foundation in memory of Peter Rushworth.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, bought sweets or donated raffle prizes and of course a big 'Thank you' to Lauren and Will who pulled the whole event together.

Tynemouth Autumn Meet Suggested Swims

Please find below suggested swims for the upcoming Tynemouth Autumn Meet in November. This gala is for swimmers in C1 and above aged 9 and over. Selected swimmers from SD1 & SD2 have also been invited.

Please check which swims your child should be entering (for some this will include the 400 Free and/or IM!). This is a target meet for Morpeth ASC and we are looking to take as many swimmers as possible. For Performance and Junior Performance this will be one of the key galas to obtain N&D qualifying times.  

Seniors may also wish to enter as there are 50m events and relays!!!

All teams for the relays will be announced at a later date.

Please check below and enter your child via the Gala’s Page.

C1 /C2

View C1 / C2 Suggestions

Performance / Junior Performance

Click to view P / JP Suggestions

SD1 / SD2

Click to view SD1 / SD2 Suggestions




Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach Email Head Coach

Gala Entry Payments for Competitive Swimmers

The Morpeth ASC committee has decided to change the way parents are asked to pay for their swimmer’s Gala entry and to use a system of payment at the time of entry, which is common for most clubs.

In the recent past…

parents often didn’t know whether and when to pay for a gala entry and we were frequently waiting - often for many weeks - to hear of rejections. This has not been ideal as payments came trickling in at random and reminder emails were often required.

This also meant, that the club had to pay the Gala host long before recouping the cost from the entrants.

In future…

Please pay for your swimmer’s entry at the time of online registration. Lynda Garland, our gala secretary, may also insert a payment prompt into the registration system. There will be several days for payments to be made before the Gala host's deadline.

Payments are best made by BACS. Alternatively, you may put cash or a cheque into the poolside payments box, but in this case, please drop me a quick email to let me know you’ve paid.

As a parent you can then forget about the entry formalities and look forward to the gala. 


Like most well run clubs, MASC has updated it’s banking capabilities and - in the case of rejections - neither a credit system nor refunds to parents are now a problem.

Credits: I already run a credit system. When owed a £10 refund, most people chose to stay in credit and redeem the £10 on any other payment to the club: the next Gala, squad fee, hoodie, ASA fee, swim cap…

If you are in credit, I will email you and remind you of that option.

Refunds: If you prefer a refund, this can also be done. I would just ask you for your bank details so I can BACS you promptly. Cheque refunds are time consuming and only available in exceptions. 

As always, if you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to email Andreas (Treasurer) Email MASC Treasurer.

Club News Update

Club Gala (10th/11th Nov)

This will be held over two sessions this year - Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November. Details of how to enter will follow soon but keep those dates free! 

Could anyone who has a trophy from last year please bring them back to the club. Please, please give them a clean and polish before dropping them off at the pool as it is not fair to ask our volunteer to clean 50+ cups every year!


After a review of training times and squad costs it has been decided that the Senior squad fee will be reduced to £18/month from the start of November. The available training hours will also be reduced slightly in line with this reduction. The morning sessions available to the Senior squad will be limited to Wed only (no more Mon or Fri am sessions for seniors).

Important Information - Drinks at Training

A quick reminder that all swimmers should be bringing a Water Bottle to ALL training sessions. Concern has been raised about the number of children turning up to training working hard sometimes for over a hour without a drink! Swimmers should attend with at least 750ml to 1L of fluid (water or dilute juice) for each hour of training. Swimmers in Performance and Junior Performance may need two bottles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Swimmers who attend training without a sufficient amount to drink will not be allowed to swim.

Welfare Office Update

I am pleased to announce that we had a volunteer to become our new club Welfare Officer. Sarah Watson has been appointed, with immediate effect.

The role is very important to the club. Sarah will be responsible for ensuring all members and volunteers are up to date with all the necessary training outlined by the governing body, relating to the welfare of our members.

In addition to this, the welfare officer is available as the first point of contact if any child, parent or adult within the club ever had any child safeguarding or welfare concern. The welfare officer is independent of the committee and of the coaching squad for this reason.

Should anyone ever need to contact Sarah directly, email here Email MASC Welfare Officer.

Please join me in welcoming Sarah to the role and thanking Andrea for doing the role over the past few years.

Simon Watson (Chair - MASC Email MASC Chair)

Portobello Result

Just to thank all the swimmers, coaches, officials and other volunteers who made the competition with Portabello such a great event.

What a truly great 'Team Effort' - one to be very proud of.

And the final score? MASC- 265 pts, Portabello - 188pts

Thanks and well done to everyone who took part.

Northumberland 2017/8 Hub Sessions

The dates for 2017/8 Northumberland Hub are as follows:

4th November 2017

 - Backstroke and Freestyle Technique

11th November 2017

 - Breaststroke and Butterfly Technique

23rd December 2017

 - Starts and Turns

27th January 2018

 - Sprints / Race Practice for N & D’s






Morpeth ASC - New Code of Conduct

As you may be aware, MASC is a 'Swim 21' accredited club. By following the guidelines and good practices outlined in the 'Standard' we ensure we are following the advice of the governing body of the sport - the ASA.

This year, the recommendation by Swim 21 was that our club code of conduct should be revised in line with the ASA's standard. The new code of conduct now contains details for all members - swimmers, coaches, volunteers and committee members.

The revised code of conduct document can be found on our Club Policies page and would ask all members to take a few minutes to familiarise themselves with it and also ensure their children see and understand the part relevent to them.

There has also been a specific section added regarding Social Networking that now plays such an important part in our everyday lives. This can also be found on our Club Policies page. Again, if you could take a few minutes to read and discuss with any younger members that would be greatly appreciated.

Simon Watson (Chair - MASC Email MASC Chair)

MASC Payments Box

To make paying ONE OFF FEES more convenient for parents, there are now TWO ways to pay for things like:

  • a first Minnows squad fee
  • a top-up / catch-up payment
  • a gala entry fee
  • a hat purchase
  • the annual ASA membership fee
  • etc.


...posted (in an envelope with at least the swimmer's name on) by parent or swimmer into the poolside payments box


2. as before, by BANK TRANSFER online or by BANK DEPOSIT at the bank into the MASC Barclays account.

Please note that the RECURRING SQUAD FEES should continue to be paid by STANDING ORDER as is the case now.

My hope is that the payments box will be welcomed by Minnows parents to get started and by all others for the money owed for bits and bobs.

Many thanks
Andreas (Treasurer) Email MASC Treasurer

New Squad Fees

As I am sure everyone is aware we have been having some changes in squads that Becki has outlined.

The committee has given Becki full support on these changes and we firmly believe they are a good move for the club, giving swimmers (and parents) some clear goals and guidelines to what is expected from each squad and what it means to be a member of each squad.

Ideally, when the changes were announced we would have liked to have announced the monthly fees for each of the new squads but we did not have enough information at that time to make an informed decision. Even now, several weeks into the changes there is still much discussion with the Leisure centre about exactly what time we are allowed in the pool.

Although there may be some minor changes to training times we are confident that there will be no significant change to training times so have agreed on the monthly fees as set out below.



Skills Development 1 & 2


Competitive 1


Competitive 2


Junior Performance













They are based broadly in line with the amount of pool time allocated to each squad and the committee feel strongly that every squad offers very good value for money and they compare very favouorably with clubs of similar size and similar pool time, 

Could anyone who is affected by these changes please alter their monthly payments for June in line with these changes. I realise the squad changes took effect in May but we are not asking to collect any 'arrears' from May, we will start from June 1st.

If anyone who is now paying less than before wishes to get a refund for the 'overpayment' in May, please send an email to Email MASC Treasurer (,uk) and this will be arranged.

Simon Watson (Chair - MASC Email MASC Chair)

Please note, with effect from November Seniors fees will be lowered to £18 per month.

May Swimmers of the Month

Congratulations to our Swimmers of the Month for May Sophie Almond, Emma Dewhirst, Kate Richmond, Simone Syndercombe, Laurie Blacklock, Holly Gillie, Sam Tate and Will Pallet.

Swimmers of the Month for 2017.

British Swimming Competition Pathway Handbook

It is an exciting time for swimming in Britain. The Domestic Competition Structure is changing. This brochure will outline the changes, and explain how these aim to contribute to the development of swimmers in the sport going forward.

Read the Handbook

View BS Competition Pathway Handbook


News Summary

NEW Squad Criteria Document

Becki has updated the MASC Squad Criteria document, to see the new version please go to the Squad’s page.

IMPORTANT - Change to training times

As some of you may be aware the new pool times agreed with the pool management didn't 'work out' for a number of reasons and have been amended slightly, read revised times.

NEW Squad Structure

Read Becki’s full announcement

New MASC Twitter Account

Please follow our new twitter account @morpeth_asc for important announcements, training changes, gala results etc. 

Club Captain Update

New captains have been appointed, read full announcement

2016 Swimmer of the Year

Full details here.

Important Information for Inhaler Users

Can parents please ensure that if their child has an inhaler that it is brought onto poolside, that it is named and in a sealable clear bag so it stays dry.

Squad Session Equipment Requirements

Please read here for what you need to bring to each session.

NESS Swimwear

NESS Swimwear have given club members the opportunity to receive a 5% discount when ordering, use the discount count morpasc20 in the shopping basket. At the same time the club will also receive funds from NESS.

Click on the NESS logo to go to their website.

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