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Interested in joining Morpeth ASC from another swimming club, please contact our Head Coach at Email Head Coach

If you are just finishing swimming lessons and interested in joining Morpeth ASC please contact us at Emaill for Information


May Standing Orders Update

After all these lockdown subs and top up fees, please don't forget to have your correct standing order in place for May when full subs will resume.

Please pay each 1st of the month, combining all siblings into 1 payment (with £5 taken off for each sibling of the first swimmer).

Please see below for the monthly fees to be paid from now onwards.

Swim Squad

Monthly Training Fees 2021

Performance (P)


Competitive 3 (C3)


Competitive Youth (CY) - Formerly C2


Competitive 2 (C2) - Formerly 1+


Competitive 1 (C1)


Skills Development (SD)






As always, any questions about payments or credit, email me at Email Treasurer

Many Thanks,
Andreas - MASC Treasurer Email Treasurer

Return to training **IMPORTANT INFO**

As previously advised, in order to return to the pool 12th April, there are two forms that swimmers are required to complete.  Below are links to both forms. The document ‘Morpeth ASC Return to Training Guidance April 2021’ View Morpeth ASC Return to Training Guidance April 2021 includes important information on how we intend to keep swimmers, coaches, volunteers and parents safe, the forms we need from you, COVID awareness, training sessions and best practice for swimmers. Please read this first.

Please note: the Risk Awareness Declaration form does not allow for insertion of a name in the ‘I…. certify’ section but please complete all other sections.

Risk Awareness

Health Screen y4u

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone next week

Many Thanks,
Lesley Kennedy (Chair) Email Chair

COVID - Return to training

Please see below timeline issued by Swim England.


We will continue to update members with information on how we intend to return to the pool and keep our swimmers and coaches safe when we get the go ahead.  We continue to be in contact with Active Northumberland to hopefully have a prompt return to training and until then we will continue with Zoom land training for members who wish to take part.

IMPORTANT - Swim England Renewals 2021

It has been decided that all swimmers will be registered as cat 1 this year and if they need to be upgraded to cat 2 they will be. If no competitions are held that need category 2 status then they will stay at cat 1. So this means that you just need to confirm if your swimmer(s) will continue with the club and if so pay the £19 Cat 1 fee, or a volunteer who does not swim and therefore cat 3. Sorry for the complication.

If you have already replied and confirmed your child is cat 2 you do not need to reply again, I will register them as cat 1 and well done for replying so quickly!

As usual, any questions, just ask.

Claire at Email MASC Membership Ssecretary

IMPORTANT - Health Survey

Please could all members complete both the risk awareness and the health screen forms below. All swimmers, coaches, volunteers (including COVID volunteers) who will take part in training sessions at the pool will need to do so.

This must be done before your first session back. Unfortunately if the form is not completed you will not be able to take part in the session. 

Many thanks

Risk Awareness Declaration:


Updated Forms now Available

Updated MASC Membership Form and MASC Privacy Notice are now available on the following pages:

Land Training Fees (S&C)

As you will know from Becki's recent emails, the hugely successful Strength & Conditioning (previously Land Training) has now become integrated in every swimmer's weekly routine for all squads, C1 and above.

This is a reminder to all parents of

  • Perf and C3:            £15 is due every month for face to face S&C.
  • C1, C2, CY:               £5 is due every month for Zoom S&C.
  • Minnows and SD:   there is currently no S&C, so no additional payment is required for this.
  • Seniors:                     please pay £5 per month if your swimmer wishes to participate (voluntary)

Please make payment for September if you haven't already done so (unless you have remaining credit). If a swimmer in the fee groups above cannot / does not wish to participate, please make sure Becki and I know.

There is a plan to integrate S&C fees into subs in the near future when the post lockdown world returns to some normality...

Email Email Treasurer if you have questions.

Many Thanks,
Andreas - MASC Treasurer Email Treasurer

Equipment lists & update on return to swimming

When we return to the club sessions swimmers MUST have the correct equipment to take part in each session. 

Swimmers MUST have their OWN EQUIPMENT, there will be no equipment to borrow from the club for the foreseeable future. This is due to the guidelines from Swim England, no equipment can be shared between swimmers. 

ALL of the equipment below is available from NESS Swimwear


If swimmers turn up to sessions without the correct equipment they will not be able to take part in the session. This is important to ensure: 

1. Social distancing can be adhered to (e.g. one swimmer without fins in a lane will compromise the social distancing in this lane as they will be unable to keep up)

2. Swimmers can complete the session correctly 

All equipment must be clearly labelled with a swimmers name and taken home at the end of each training session.

An updated Equipment List can be found here View Equipment Requirements

If you are unable to acquire any equipment on the lists please contact

Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach Email Head Coach

COVID-19 Tab

The club website now has a specific 'COVID-19' Tab in the menu bar on the left.

The tab will be used to keep any updates on the club training during COVID-19 in one place so it is quicker to access and refer back to specific posts.

Updates will continue to be posted via social media & email as well.

Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach Email Head Coach

Swim England Club Awards & Speed Awards

Morpeth ASC uses both the Swim England Club Award scheme and Speed Award scheme. Please find below two information sheets that explain a bit more about what each scheme involves.

Speed Award Information

View Speed Award Info

Club Award Information

View Club Award Info



Approved Swimwear

Following a brief conversation at training, if anyone wants to double check if racing suits are FINA approved then you can check on the FINA website. Select the brand and a full list should appear.

Becki Head Coach Email Head Coach

Eating Well at Competitions

As parents you don't need to analyse your child's swimming, that is the job of the coaching team! One way you can really help and support them to perform well though is encouraging good eating and drinking habits at competitions. 

Swimming competitions are long days and a lot of young swimmers tend to overeat early on and then not eat or drink anywhere near enough towards the end of the day. 

Below are a few documents with snack ideas and information on when to eat at competitions (for example swimmers should be snacking and drinking straight after each race on their way to swim down). 

Our young swimmers don't need to be following any fancy nutrition plan just yet! Equally they don't need to be finishing off a family sized bag of chocolate buttons or Haribos before 9:15am or eating a large Pasta bowl 7 minutes before their 400 Free heat gets on the blocks. 

Please provide swimmers with all their snacks and drinks for each session at competitions. 

How much should an athlete drink?

View How much to drink

Cereal Bars

View Cereal Bars

Eating at Competitions

View Eating at Competitions

Travel Snack Ideas - Protein

View TravelSnackIdeas-Protein

Travel Snack Ideas - Carbohydrates

View TravelSnackIdeas-Carbohydrates






Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach
Email Head Coach

Early Morning Training

Below is an article about how best to support your child with early morning training. While slightly earlier mornings is a change for Morpeth ASC it is the norm in all successful swimming clubs, it is part of any successful swimmers (and their parents) routine.

Breakfast: Also attached are some ideas for Breakfast to help set swimmers up for a good training session and day at school.

Morning Training Tips

View Morning Training Tips

New Breakfast Ideas

View Breakfast Ideas



IMPORTANT - SAFETY during sessions

Just a quick note to advise ALL swimmers should not be wearing jewellery during sessions. Swimmers should also remove watches and Fitbit type products. 

The lanes are narrow and with sometimes 8-10 swimmers per lane during club sessions an accident could easily happen.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Becki Head Coach Email Head Coach

Important Information - Drinks at Training

A quick reminder that all swimmers should be bringing a Water Bottle to ALL training sessions. Concern has been raised about the number of children turning up to training working hard sometimes for over a hour without a drink! Swimmers should attend with at least 750ml to 1L of fluid (water or dilute juice) for each hour of training. Swimmers in Performance and Junior Performance may need two bottles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Swimmers who attend training without a sufficient amount to drink will not be allowed to swim.

News Summary

Squad Equipment Lists for 2020

Please find the most up to date equipment lists for each squad View Equipment Requirements. The club have some of these items but we can't guarantee these will always be available. If swimmers don't have the correct equipment this will impact on their ability to complete the session correctly.

Ness swimwear have ALL of the items on this lists and have shops at many of the external competitions we attend. Alternatively, click on the NESS logo at the top of this page to go to their website.

MASC Privacy Notice

The policy now exists for the Club, there is nothing further you need to do. The full policy can be found here

MASC Social Media

We now have 3 'Social Media' accounts for everyone to follow, join, like.....

Closed Facebook page - Morpeth Amateur Swimming Club. This is for members only, important club information is shared here and parents can ask questions. 

Open Twitter page - @morepth_asc  Good for knowing what our swimmers are up to locally and nationally 

Open Facebook page - Morpeth Swimming Club. This page is NEW and needs some 'likes' - open page and will be used to promote the club and swimmers achievements. 

Please sign up for all 3 to keep up to date with what's going on at the club.

Important Information for Inhaler Users

Can parents please ensure that if their child has an inhaler that it is brought onto poolside, that it is named and in a sealable clear bag so it stays dry.

NESS Swimwear

NESS Swimwear have given club members the opportunity to receive a 5% discount when ordering, use the discount count morpasc20 in the shopping basket. At the same time the club will also receive funds from NESS.

Click on the NESS logo to go to their website.

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